Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve and I am up way too early, which means that I am most likely NOT going to be the life of any party tonight. But I do love mornings. It is so quiet and dark here this morning, it feels very peaceful to me.
I should be reflecting on the past year and making plans for the new year, but I guess I am just not in that kind of mood this morning. Posting my never sent Christmas letter yesterday, was enough of a reflection on the past year. Plans for the coming year. . . I have made my resolutions, but will keep them to myself so I won't jinx anything yet. Lets just say that if I succeed in my plans I will have less time to blog and will be spending more mornings at the gym!
Yesterday was quite busy for me. I had some end of the year matters to take care of, including sending off my taxes, which meant a visit to the bank and the post office. Randy and I made a quick trip South to reclaim his debit card which he left at a restaurant a few days before. Then back home to meet with an installer for a national internet company. . . that totally did not work out at all. It seems that what the phone representative promised could not be delivered by the installer. We have found that one of the drawbacks of living in the country is keeping modern conveniences working. I don't mean the electric and home phone, which we have had minimal problems with. But the internet, tv and cell phone service has always been a struggle here. We had dial up for years, and finally bit the bullet and paid for wireless, which has to be worked on several times a year. . . our cell phones only work if we go on the porch and face east, and well, the television seems to be working now, but in bad weather watch out! It gets frustrating sometimes. The frustration tends to fade away when we get to glimpse wildlife or beautiful sunrises out the front window. Not a bad trade off for some inconveniences.
Happy New Year to all!

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