Thursday, December 10, 2009

Whew, what a day! It was busy from the time I got to work until I left, about 30 minutes later than normal. I worked through lunch, and did not get my errands run, which means I will have more to do on my half day off tomorrow. The big talk at the supervisor's weekly meeting was the skyrocketing cost of insurance and the less than desirable policy we seem to be adopting. A family could potentially have to shell out $15000 to meet their deductible a year. Yikes! This madness with health care costs has to end somewhere, or no one will be able to afford insurance or health care. Enough on that. . . how depressing!
When I got home I realized that I had left my Christmas gift wrapping mess on the kitchen counter. I have just been trying to do too much in the mornings, and have been running late all week. It is getting down to crunch time, and I have quite a lot of shopping left to do. I guess it will all get done somehow.

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