Thursday, December 10, 2009

I am almost positive that it should not be this cold this early in the winter season. (zero degrees). The colder it is outside, the more I want to stay inside. Last night when I got home, I could not wait to get into my sweat pants and slippers. As I was starting supper, I reflected on the way my life has changed in the last few years. When my children were still at home, most nights we had somewhere to go (sports activities, music programs etc). Now, when I get home I become like a bear preparing to hibernate for the winter. I hang up my work clothes, turn on the fireplace (gas logs are great), light the Christmas tree and a few candles and start supper. I was feeling very old in my thoughts of home and comfort until my husband reflected the same feelings. Without sharing my thoughts about this, he told me that all day he looks forward to being at home. One of the best feelings in the world, he continued, was to be at home, in sweats and relaxing. It is almost frightening how hubby and I think alike these days. After thirty years together, we are very much of one mind on most subjects. Of course there is always the subject of politics, where longevity in marriage has made our views part instead of come together. But that is a whole other topic for another day. For today, I am just happy to have a warm and comfortable home, sweat pants, soft house slippers and someone I love to share my life with. Life is good!

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