Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Little Daredevil!

If you look closely, you can see Amanda and Mason on a swing together (white coat, Mason has on a black stocking cap).  Maddie is in the pink coat with multi colored cap flying off on the left hand side of the photo.  This was taken at Silver Dollar City.  I wanted to add it to my blog to remember what a daredevil Miss Maddie is.  She also rode the big roller coaster and loved it!  She cried when she was told that she was 2 inches too short to ride the biggest roller coaster in the park.  She absolutely loves thrilling rides and speeds.  When I asked her if she was going to ride the small roller coaster in the kids area, she gave me a major eye roll!  Mason, on the other hand, was not so sure about the big rides.  He enjoyed the train and the mine ride.  If you knew the kids personalities, you would guess the opposite was true.  Maddison is looking forward to a trip to Six Flags this summer.  I think I will sit that one out!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Mr. IPad!

Mason is infatuated with the Ipad.  It is hard to believe that a 4 year old can master the technology of this little machine.  When he comes into our house now the first thing he says is: "Can I play with your Ipad?".  He loves the talking character apps, and the "Tap the Frog" and "Angry Birds" games.  For Christmas, Randy got an "Otter Box" which is supposed to make the Ipad almost indestructable.  I hope it works because Mason really gives it a work over.  I can't even begin to imagine what kind of technology will be available for us when he gets in high school!

Silver Dollar City Trip

The day after Christmas we headed to Branson, Missouri.  Jessica made arrangements to rent a couple of condos there only a few miles from Silver Dollar City.  The condos were decorated in a mountain/rustic theme and had a view of Lake Taneycomo.  In addition to our little unit, Amanda's Grandma, Sherill, came along.  She had Branson lights on her "bucket list".  It was a great trip and we got to meet up with my sister and some of her family at SDC.  The lights were spectacular! 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

I know it has been weeks since I have blogged.  I guess I have just been too occupied with other matters to collect my thoughts and blog.  December is a busy month for us with 2 birthdays to celebrate as well as the holidays.  We recently had to purchase a new computer, so I have been familiarizing myself with that.  Excuses, excuses!
I think I am ready for the holidays.  I have neglected a couple of old traditions this year, including mailing out cards and baking cookies.  See what I mean, I just could not get it together this year!
We are doing something a little different this season.  After the holidays, we are traveling to Branson for some R and R and to see the lights.  I have never been there around Christmas, so I am excited to see what all the hub-bub is about.  It will be a family trip and Jessica has rented a condo for us.  We are also making a more concentrated effort to give back to our community and the people who live here.  The funny thing about this is that it has brought us so much pleasure to help others. 
So, until I blog again, Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Lucky Seven!

My sweet Maddie turned 7 last week.  It was a week of celebration as her Papa had a birthday, as did her cousin, Gabe.  Maddison is really into horses this year and wanted a horse cake.  As part of her birthday gift, Aunt Bea and Uncle Scott got her riding lessons.  The first such lesson will happen this week.  She is very excited about learning to ride.  On Saturday, she had a girls sleep over to celebrate.  7 little girls spent the night with her and did crafts, made pizza and generally reeked chaos!  She seemed to love the party, her mother, however, was completely worn out by the experience.
On a different note, I have been negligent about blogging lately.  I have been fighting a cold for 2 weeks now, and feel worn down by the cold and the busy activities of the season.  I am hoping to shake this congestion soon and get back to "normal".

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Just Checking In!

This is definitely a busy time of year. We finally got our tree up and a few other decorations put out. I am not one who does a lot of fancy displays at my house. We hope to put some lights on our porch and I need to get some greenery to add to my decor, but that will be about all we do to the house. I goaded Randy into helping me wrap some gifts this morning so we would have something to put under the tree. I had a surprise visit from Josh and Maddie and Mason this morning. Josh and Randy and Mason went "hunting" and Maddie and I baked some cookies, played Yahtzee and watched "Cupcake Wars". I enjoy spending time with her. She is almost like having a friend around. She is so grown up and really likes to do adult type games and activities. We often play school together, but that is one activity she will do on her own.
I am going to work on my Christmas cards and letter this afternoon, and then we have a work party tonight. Randy and I are both fighting a cold, so we probably will not be out late. Somehow the weekends just fly by these days. We have a couple of birthdays to celebrate this week, a Christmas program, a baby shower and my sister and brother in law will be in for a bit. The last few years I have had the attitude that I will do the holiday activities that I enjoy and skip the rest. There have been too many years of stress just trying to do and be everything. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all!