Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hello, Spring?

What a week of weather this has been.  We have had wind, rain, cold and gray skies.  Now we have blizzard like conditions that are causing a white out here.  Not very spring like in my book.  I would post a picture, but I am, quite frankly, tired to taking photos of the snow!  I can't wait to see green grass, flowers and a little sun around here.  On the agenda for the day:  work I brought home, cleaning the house and staying inside.  I think there may even be a nap in my near future!  Bah Humbug to the snow!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Beautiful Child

It has been a stellar week for Maddison.  As a second grader, she was eligible to participate in the school's spelling bee.  She signed up for the event and practiced her word list.  Out of approximately 40 second graders, she got second place!  It was a nerve racking experience for the children and the spectators.  Many of the kids cried when they missed a word.  I was so very proud of Maddison, who showed a great deal of poise and grace during her participation.  The first part of the bee was held in the cafeteria, but then had to be moved to the art room because the lunchroom was needed.  When the event broke to move rooms, Amanda had to leave for work, and Randy joined me.  We watched as Maddison and a schoolmate were the last two children standing.  And then Maddie got the word "awful".  She started, a, f, and then she stopped.  She knew she had messed up, but she also knew it was too late to go back.  The little boy competing with her spelled his word correctly and won.  She was all smiles as she was awarded the second place certificate.  She will get to continue on to the next level of the competition.  We were so proud of the way she handled herself in a nerve-racking situation. 
About 20 + years ago, Jessica participated in, and won a spelling bee.  Watching Miss Maddison grow and develop is almost like a "do-over" with Jessica.  They look and act so much alike.  They share similar interests and abilitities.  It is a truely "deja-vu" experience". 
On Friday, the school paid homage to Dr. Seuss by having a Seuss Day.  Maddie went as Sally, one of the Seuss characters (pictured above).  Her brother, surprisingly, did not want to dress up for the occassion. 
Both inside and out, Maddison is a beautiful child.  She is kind, compassionate and sweet.  Part of me is sorry to see her grow up so fast, but part of me can't wait to experience all that is in her future.