Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Well, Mason has a broken arm. He has to go back to the doctor today to get a cast put on his left arm. It will be odd to see such a little fellow in a cast. I can't believe that a cast will slow him down much.
Mason is one of the funniest children I have ever been around. He is a ball of constant motion and sound. Last night at my house he was so full of enery that he literally ran circles around my living room area. He would stop once in a while to give someone a hug or a kiss and lay his head on their leg. At first glance, you would not peg him as an overly affectionate little boy. He is rough, tough and full of action. But if you watch him, you will see a very compassionate and loving child. He is the first to kiss a boo-boo, give someone a hug if he thinks they are sad or share what he has if someone needs or wants it. (Okay, he may make an exception if the someone wanting to share is his sissy).
One of this favorite activities is being read to. I know, that doesn't fit the picture you now have in your mind of this active two year old. Well, let me say this, he loves to be read to, but sometimes he can't sit still for the entire book. His favorite book is "Maybe A Bear Ate It". This classic (sic) book is engrained in my mind forever. In fact I think I dream about it at night. The book is about a cat who is in bed reading and his book gets lost. He loves his book, so he has to go looking for it. His imagination kicks in and he wonders if maybe a "bear ate my book", and then he wonders about the other stuffed animals taking his book. I have no idea why Mason loves this book so. We read it over and over and over again, and every time we read it he acts like it is the best book he ever laid eyes on. He will pretend to cry when the cat does, he will help the cat look for his book, and then he always cheers at the end when the book is found.
Life with a two year old is like going on vacation. Something new to be discovered every day. Part of me wants Mason to stay two forever. His emotions and feelings are so exposed and apparant it takes all the guess work out of being around him. He can be crying and laughing at the same time, or one of those feelings can quickly turn into the other. Being around Mason can be exhausting, but it is always worth the trip!

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