Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I just got home from work. I have about an hour from the time I get home until my hubby comes home. I usually start supper, check my email and facebook, and listen to the quiet. I have wanted to be home since I went to work today! It is a cold, rainy day in Missouri, and I would have loved to stay home and wrap Christmas presents. The highlight of my day was seeing Maddison and Mason for lunch. I picked up some Princess cupcakes and a Tinkerbell balloon at the store and delivered them on my lunch hour. Maddie was so excited about her birthday (remember what it feels like to look forward to getting older?). She had on a paper birthday hat and couldn't wait to show me her new Leapfrog game. Mason (2) was a little wound up, too, but I am not sure if he knew why he was so excited. He takes a lot of his cues from his big sissy, and he was definitely feeding off of her excitement. Amanda invited me to stay for a sandwich and homemade chicken and noodle soup. It was the best lunch hour I have had in a long, long time! Just the pure joy of children makes me want to cry. They can go from ecstatically happy to crying and then back to laughing in the span of five minutes. I was sorry to have to return to work.
It is a great night to be at home. The temperatures are supposed to drop tonight which means that this rain will either turn into ice or snow. It should make for an interesting morning. But for tonight, there is a fire in the hearth, soup on the stove and a husband on his way home. Life is good!

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