Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 here we come! I cannot believe how quickly time goes by as you age. It seems like yesterday that we were welcoming in 2000. This past year has brought many blessings to our family. Overall we have all enjoyed good health, maintained our jobs and stayed close as a family. We added Scott to our group this year, which was indeed a blessing. We managed a fun family trip, which was a bit nostalgic of our childhood (Colorado), participated in a wedding, and enjoyed all the major holidays together (Easter, July 4, Thanksgiving and Christmas).
My only regret is letting my exercise and healthier habits slide this year. After shopping and trying on clothes today, I would say that the "back to the gym" resolution is coming just in time.
Last night we had a blast. After the kids went to sleep, the "grown-ups" gathered around the table for some games. We started off with a very adult game (Can't remember the name), which none of us really liked, then moved on the "Last Word" which was fun. But the party really began when we decided to play charades. Scott's mom was among the rest of the immediate family participating. It was so much fun! I managed to stay up until 2, which is unheard of for me. It just goes to show you what is possible when you mind is occupied. Go figure, the game that costs nothing but some scraps of paper turned out to be the best. Actually, that is much like life in general. Isn't it the free things in life that make it most worthwhile. . . like sunsets, early morning fog, snow on the hillside, and spring rains?
I am looking forward to all of the opportunities, challenges and surprises that 2010 has to offer. I am again, thankful for this internet and blog site. . . it has brought a new joy into my life!

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