Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Did you ever have such a busy time in your life that you weren't sure if you were coming or going? I seemed to have hit such a point. We have two extra adults living in our house right now, so there are more demands on my time, but also more fun activities to fill the evenings and weekends (Four point pitch, conversations on the porch swing etc). In addition to that, I have committed myself anew to exercise. My typical day involves a morning workout at the Y (40 minutes on the treadmill, some weights), then off to work to change clothes and of course, work, and then it is back to the Y for water aerobics for an hour. That makes a lot of extra clothes changes and laundry. So far, it has been worth it. I am feeling more energetic and healthier. To add to the schedule, my granddaughter is playing "ragball" this summer, so it is back to the ball park after a 10 year break from all things sports related. All of these things are good, even great, but they leave little time for blogging. I am writing this on my work lunch time, which is usually not conducive to clear thought.
On thing is for sure. . . at the end of the day, I am tired, spent and ready to sleep. My television watching is way down, which is a big plus to this schedule. I will try to squeeze in some time to blog more. I miss committing my thoughts to paper. I guess only time will tell if my plan will be effective. Until then, have a great summer!