Friday, December 11, 2009

I am up early this morning for a very full day. I had planned a day of vacation, but I have to go into work early to download some program updates. That shouldn't take more than an hour or so. The grocery shopping, and grandchild duty. I will pick Mason up after I shop, then come home to unload and put groceries away. Ater that my hubby and I will pick up Maddison from preschool and head to Columbia for a little Christmas shopping. I am tired just thinking about all of that! Tonight we are invited to a company Christmas party, but will most likely skip that. The problem with getting up at four thirty in the morning is being ready for bed by about eight!
The big weekend plans include baking and decorating cookies with the little ones. I have to remember to keep this simple so I don't get overwhelmed with the process. I love having them in the kitchen with me. It sure brings back memories of when my children were small. I may take a shortcut and buy the premade sugar cookies to decorate. After all, the important part is the sprinkles and the icing!

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