Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wednesday morning brings cold temperatures and a howling wind to our little farm. It sure would have been great to stay in bed this morning! There is something rather lonesome about being at home alone in the morning with the Christmas lights on. Somehow different than the lights in the evening.
I am trying to work up the gumption to wrap some presents before I get ready for work. Once I am set up to wrap, I enjoy it. But it seems to take some time to get all the necessary "ingredients" assembled.
I guess it is my age that is keeping me calm about all the holiday "to do's" this year. I used to approach the holidays with a "have to" attitude. For example: I have to finish my shopping, I have to find time to bake and mail out cards, I have to finish decorating the house. This year, it is more like a "want to" list. I want to bake cookies with my Grandchildren, I want to buy the people I love gifts that they will love and I want to make my house feel cozy and warm for my family. The want to versus the have to is a little more relaxing.
This blog sure gives me a reason to postpone my chores. I love to write!

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