Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This is the Annual Christmas letter that I wrote, but did not get sent this year. I thought I would post it here instead.
Dear Friends and Family:
I know, I know. I am usually an early bird when it comes to sending my annual letter and card. You will just hae to forgive me this year. I am either: a) lacking in motivation, b) lacking in time, or c) both of the previous! I was never very good at multiple choice questions, but I am going to have to go with C this year. I am just so happy that I got the tree up and gifts bought!
Why am I lacking in time and motivation you may ask. . . well, let me share my year with you.
In January, Jessica moved to Springfield, Mo. She left on New Year's Day, which was actually very symbolic for her. . . a new job, a new city, a new life. It was a tough adjustment for me, and I shed a few tears. . . yes she is grown, but I loved having her near. Thank goodness Josh, Amanda, Maddison and Mason still live close. In March, Jessica moved into a new apartment (she had been staying with her cousin Mindy, and family) and met Scott. By April, we had been to Springfield to meet Scott and by Easter they were engaged. Scott (nervously) requested our permission to marry Jessica, which was nice and old-fashioned. I have to admit that an August wedding took my breath away, but they both knew what they wanted and decided not to wait.
In June, the program I supervise, rolled out a new computer system, which completely changed the way we do business. The staff spent a week at training, which in no way prepared us for the changes we encountered. It was no surprise to me that the gray hairs began popping out!
In July, our favorite "little man" turned two. He is everything a two year old should be and more. He puts a smile on our faces. Mason does a great imitation of his papa, loves to be read to and can't get enough of anything with wheels, motors or horns. In spite of his rough and tumble personality, he is affectionate and loving. A great combination.
Also in July, most of my family journeyed to Colorado to enjoy a week's retreat at a beautiful mountain cabin. We had the great fortune to meet my mom's sister and two cousins and their families there. It was a wonderful reunion and a gorgeous place to spend a week.
In August, Jessica and Scott got married. They chose August 14th, because it was Randy and my 30th anniversary and the anniversary of Randy's parents. A small ceremony was held in the Wilderness Chapel at Silver Dollar City, followed by a reception in Moberly. It was a special ceremony, attended by all of our immediate family. The reception was a lot of fun, and a bit challenging because we did our own decorating and catering. Amanda, bless her soul, provided beautiful decorations for the reception, did the girls hair and makeup, and even read at the wedding. It was indeed a family affair, and we couldn't have done it without lots of help. A note about Scott. He is a student at Ozark Technical College, majoring in chemistry. He puts a sparkle in Jessica's eyes, and seems to tolerate our crazy family. Bless him!
In October, there were more major changes at my job. I won't go into details, but it was the biggest program change in 30 years, and kept the job challenging for me. Randy also took on a new challenge this year when he accepted the Chief Union Steward job at the plant. He has honed his diplomacy and negotiating skills, and often brings his work home with him.
In December, Miss Maddison turned 5. She proudly told us that now she was 5 like all of her other friends. Maddison is my little soul mate, my cooking pal, my nap partner and sometimes my boss! I cannot remember life without grandchildren, and I am not sure I would want to. They keep us young, entertained and looking at life with new eyes.
Somewhere this year I discovered Facebook (thanks, Jan). It is a great way to connect to people and keep in touch.
And for anyone who doesn't know. . . this blog is named after a column I used to write when I worked for the local newspaper (right out of college). It is theraputic for me to write. . . and it makes me nervous to share the things I write with my friends and family. I don't go crazy proofing this blog, it is more of a creative expression of my thoughts. I will keep posting as long as I have thoughts that need to be shared. Feel free to post comments, and I'll try not to take any criticism personally. It is not easy to hang your feelings out for others to share. . . I hope you enjoyed sharing my writings. Happy 2010!

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