Sunday, March 21, 2010

Well, here it is again. March 21st and we have probably 4 or more inches of snow on the ground. Forecast today is rain, sleet and possibly more snow. I can't even express how discouraged this weather makes me feel.
I was watching a "Private Sessions" last weekend on A & E, and a singer/songwriter was describing how she experienced spurts of writing lots of new material at once, and then she would go for long periods without writing at all. She said that she enjoys that because it takes the pressure off of her. I feel the same way about this blog. I don't want to make it a job or even part of my daily routine. I want to use it when the mood strikes and let it lay when I don't feel like writing. There, I have put my thoughts into words, and now I can get on with it!
I was thinking the other day about romance and gift giving between couples. Someone was saying how their husband was the best gift giver. She then proceeded to enumerate all the wonderful gifts she has received in her life from him. The list was long and impressive and included; jewelry, flowers, trips etc. Although I was happy for her, it made me reflect on what is a good gift. I think a gift goes beyond the glitter and cost. To me a good gift is when someone takes the time and thought to purchase something for you that they think you would really like. Anyone can order flowers or pick out something with a lot of shine and a big price tag (of course paying for these things is another story). But a great gift, to me, reflects the thought and care the giver puts into the present.
Last year for Christmas, my husband (who struggles with gift giving, because I am not a traditional gift receiver) bought me the best, most thoughtful gift he has ever given to me. Why was it the best? Because I know he listened to me, and really wanted to give me something that was important to me. Don't laugh, but he got me a book on Tim Russert. I actually cried when I opened it. I think my entire family was caught off guard by my reaction. Randy had listened to me talk and talk and talk about Tim Russert, his work and his untimely death. His life and work had a big impact on me, and the loss of his life, shortly before the 2008 Presidential Election was a sad event.
I knew the gift had come from his heart and was selected because he knew I would like it. Of course he had other gifts for me which I liked, but by giving me this book, he was telling me that he had really wanted to get me something that I wanted.
The year before Jessica had done a similar act when she (somehow) found a little golden type book from my childhood. The book was titled "Me Too" and had a special memory for me. The only thing I remembered about this book was the story line (a younger sister following an older one around copying her every move) and the title (as best I could remember). I also told her that I thought it was a pink book. How she ever found this book from the 50's, I will never know. But she did, and her thoughtfulness and effort also made me cry.
I think I probably drive my family crazy because I am not very traditional in this way. I love what they get me, but I am not the kind of person who craves "normal" gifts like flowers, jewelry and candy. It is probably my one most difficult trait that they have to deal with. But when they get it right, I never forget it.