Friday, December 11, 2009

The day was a success, but the shopping was a bust. I think it is because all of the easy shopping has been finished, and I am now trying to tie up some lose ends and buy for the more difficult people. The grands couldn't have been better today. On the way out of town, we stopped at Bass Pro and enjoyed their Christmas for kids area. We were there at least an hour, and the little ones got to race cars, watch a miniature train and have some "target" practice. It was not crowded, and all the employees were wonderful with the kids. I tried to buy something just to say "thanks", but I guess that will have to wait for another day.
All in all, I got most of my tasks accomplished for the day. Tomorrow I hope to do some more wrapping and then a little baking and cookie decorating. Sometime this weekend I will get my reliable list out and see exactly what I have left to buy.
I mentioned to my family tonight that I was contemplating not writing a Christmas letter this year. It seems like I am keeping up with friends and family through facebook, so there isn't really that much new to share. The reaction I expected was one of apathy, but instead they voiced disappointment and then were encouraging about the tradition being continued. I will have to think on this, since I am out of fresh Christmas letter ideas. Maybe a month by month review of the years highlights. . . I have been looking back over some of the letters I have sent in the past, and I seem to always include a "score" sheet, so to speak of years (the number of years we have held our jobs, lived in this house etc). I know for sure that I am eliminating that from this years' letter, if I do one. It makes me sound old, boring and oh so predictable (come to think of it, I am actually all of those things. . . )
So, for the remainder of the weekend I must: finish wrapping gifts, bake and decorate cookies, write Christmas letter, compile list of gifts left to purchase, finish laundry, do some light cleaning, attend a special 5 year olds party and maybe watch "White Christmas". Okay, I squeezed that last item in for pure enjoyment. I had better get to bed. There is lots to do!!!

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