Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday morning. . . what a weekend we had! It started with a day off on Friday, which turned out to not really be a day off at all! I was up at 4, and was grocery shopping by 5. I had to go to work to download some computer updates, and then decided to pick up Mason so Josh could get some sleep after working all night. Mason and I came home and unloaded groceries with Randy's help. Then we picked Maddie up from preschool early and headed to Columbia for some shopping. On Saturday, I got up early again, and made some sugar cookies for the kids to help me decorate. I also mixed up the batter for "Laura Bush" cookies (the first time I have tired this recipe). Oops, we needed to go back to town to get nuts for the new recipe. After Amanda dropped the kids off and we ate breakfast, we loaded up to go to town for a quick store run. We ended up at Lowe's to pick up something, and discovered that they were doing a kids workshop on ornaments. Maddison and Mason joined in the fun, and got a fun apron and goggles, plus some fun decorations.
So, back at the house, we mixed up some colored icing and went to work on the cookies. The decorating was a big success (with the exception of a few tears shed when Papa took away Mason's icing because he kept licking and dipping. . .) Then it was off to nap time so the kids could be rested for Maddie's bowling party. Have you ever seen a two year old bowl? That was about as much fun as I have ever had! Anyway, after bowling we stopped by a local fast food place, and finally headed home for the day. Whew was I tired! On Sunday, the kids came out for chocolate chip pancakes and a day of rest. . . or maybe not! We managed to squeeze in some outdoor time, which ended when Maddison fell and soaked her pants. It was way too cold to stay outside with wet pants. So after a little lunch it was nap time for all of us. Then back to town (don't ask), home for supper with Josh and Amanda, and then rest, wonderful rest. Somewhere in all of that activity, I managed to sweep the floor about 50 times (sprinkles, sugar, flour) do some laundry and even make some beef stew. It has been a long, long time since we have had such a busy weekend. Well, actually it was just a few weeks ago at Thanksgiving! Oh well, tis the season for activity. I can always rest in January.

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