Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday, Sweet Sunday!

I may have mentioned before that I love Sundays. As a child growing up in a home where both parents were educators, somehow Sundays were a signal that the work week was closing in on us. I remember Sunday being a bit gloomy while I was still living at home. My mom was a wonderful teacher, but she would have much rather been a stay at home mom. So, when Sundays came, she would begin to think about the week ahead. Because both my parents poured their energy and heart into their jobs as educators, they worked hard to be the best they could be.
I think it makes all the difference in the world when you really enjoy your job. I love my job. This of course doesn't mean that I love everything about my job, or that it is enjoyable all the time. But I spend very little time dreading work. Now that Randy has a new job at the plant, I can tell that he no longer dreads going to work. As a part of management, he feels like he has some control over his circumstances, something he didn't have as a union employee. This feeling of control combined with the challenge of a demanding position has improved his work outlook too.
Anyway, back to Sundays. In a previous post I commented that Sunday was the only day I am unscheduled. I think everyone needs some unscheduled time in their life. This morning I slept in (highly unusual for me), had a leisurely breakfast, did a few chores and then met my family in town for lunch. Now it is back home to finish some laundry and change clothes to travel back to town for a workout at the Y. This has been a hard diet weekend, but ending it with some exercise will certainly be a good thing. There are just a few hours left in this Sunday, but I plan on enjoying every last one of them!

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  1. Sundays are my favorite as well. I have claimed the day as mine.. I get out of bed when I want - when my kids were younger, it was my husband's day to get them fed in the morning since I did it all the other days. My friends know not to call be before 10, not that I'm asleep, I'm just probably still in bed drinking coffee and reading the paper. They also know to ask me on Sat if they want me to partake in anything on Sunday. And most of the time, it's our family day - we do something together. I love Sundays, too!!!