Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pea Soup!

I feel like talking to Mr. Winter and asking him what else he's got to throw at us this season. It all began in November with unusually cold weather. Then December hits with rain, early snow and colder than normal conditions. We don't even want to talk about January so far. Finally, when there is hope of some of this $#%! melting, the fog rolls in. Coming home from a meeting last night, there were layers of fog. This morning, it appears to have settled in for a long visit. I will probably regret writing this because the one thing we have not had too much of this year (yet) is ice. I think I would take all the above combined before I wished for ice. If memory serves me correctly, one of the worse ice storms we have had was in late February or early March. I guess we are really not out of the woods yet with this winter. It has been such a long month of January, I just feel like it should be about over!
On the bright side, it is supposed to be warm(er) for the next two days, and then get much colder on Saturday. But NO snow or rain in the forecast for the weekend. I am oh so grateful for that bit of news, since we have family traveling here this weekend. It would be so sad to have to cancel because of the weather.

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