Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Bloggers World

When you view a blog site, the top section has a "View Next Blog" and an arrow. Lately I have been exploring this area and have had my eyes open to a whole new world. There are hundreds (probably thousands) of blogs on cake and cupcake decorating. And then there are artsy blogs, full of people showing off their talents in a variety of art activities. Quite a few young families have blogs featuring photos and some commentary on what their young children (especially babies) are up to. I am quite sure that these sites are wonderful for families separated by long distances. I have happened onto blogs about work related activities (investing, physical therapy, engineering). It is amazing the difference in the look of these blogs and the more creative ones. Another popular subject is blogs about home decor and decorating. I would say on the sites I have observed, food seems to be the most popular. I have been looking for some blogs similar to mine, but have not found many. I think that blogging has not been discovered by the over 50 bunch yet. Most of the blogs seem to belong to people under the age of 40.
Each blog I read is like reading a mini novel or autobiography. It is odd to peek into the home and life of someone you don't know and probably will never meet. I have seen some wonderful stories of adoption, overcoming huge obstacles, travel and illness. A recent blog site touched me deeply. It was written by a woman named Edi, who left her job as a pediatrician to be a stay at home mom and home school her children. This is one talented woman. She had a beautiful home which she decorated herself, including a garage turned home schooling room. She loves to cook and shows off many of her amazing looking products. She is a devoted Christian, takes breathtaking photos and to top it off, she writes in a way that draws the reader in instantly. What caught my eye was the most recent post which showed her home burned to the ground. Before Christmas a fire destroyed her home and all its contents. Fortunately everyone was able to get out of the home unharmed, including the pets. So, from this post I went backwards and got to see her home before the fire and all the work she put into making her home beautiful. It was a strange experience for me, but somehow inspiring. Other sites have also been about overcoming or working through a major life stress. It makes me again realize how lucky I am, and also know that people all over the globe (because there are blogs from many countries in many different languages) have an amazing power to overcome hardship and adversity. Think about it. . . sitting in my little rural home in mid America I can be touched by lives in an urban Australian setting, or learn about holiday traditions in Germany. This Internet thing may just catch on!

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