Friday, January 7, 2011

Check Up Time!

Every year for the last 7 years Randy and I have scheduled a yearly check up with our doctor. The visit is free (comes under preventative health), and is recommended for people our age. Today was our annual visit. It is always good to hear positive news about your health, which is what we got today. Our physician is definitely a "good old boy". He takes time to ask how we are doing, how our holidays were and about the family. In between the small talk he goes over our blood work, checks our breathing and takes care of other check up duties. I think it is good to visit your doctor when you are well, so you will be more comfortable with him/her when you are not feeling so well. In the 7 years we have been patients of this doctor, I have only had one episode when I was sick. A pretty good track record for a 50 something person. It is quite good to have this visit behind us, but it is also good to be able to go to the doctor without dread!
I have some follow up duties to take care of in the coming weeks, but it is all preventative.
On the weather front, I am sad to report that we have had snow and colder temperatures move in today. It promises to be a cold and nasty weekend. I guess we should expect that in January!

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