Sunday, January 23, 2011

Broken Record

Amazing as it may seem it snowed most of the morning. We have had a mostly lazy day. . . with the exception of doing some laundry (me) and driveway blading (him). I watched Social Network and really enjoyed it. It did leave me with some questions, though, so I may have to do some more reading on Mark Zuckerman and Sean Parker. Then we watched Last Song, which I thought was entertaining, but very predictable. I finished Hell's Corner this morning, and would recommend it if you just want to do some reading to pass the time. It was not a page turner (my definition of a really good book is if I keep telling myself, one more page).
Supper is now in the oven, and I am getting things organized for the week. Randy test drove my car down the driveway, and said that it was still hard to maneuver and slick. I think I will go in with him again tomorrow, which means packing a breakfast and a lunch. Oh, I am so tired of winter, and we have a week of January left! Note to self: avoid buying a Fusion again. . . even though I like it, it doesn't get around well in the winter. Another 4 wheel drive may be in my future. It is going to be a long week, but next weekend we are having family in for a final Christmas event, so there will be something to look forward to!


  1. Christmas in January?! Sounds like a nice event to look forward to. We too are having just too much snow. Makes for a dreary work week for sure.

  2. Not to rush time, it goes by quickly enough, but I am SO ready for some warmer temps!