Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mason Man Turns 4!

It is really all about birthdays around here this week. Jessica's is today, tomorrow Mason turns 4 and also tomorrow my nephew, Tristan turns 22?
Mason is a very special little boy. He is energy in motion with a bit of a comedian thrown in. He loves to make people laugh and thinks the sun rises and sets in his big sister, Maddison. He will pick up any moving thing off the ground and gets excited about bugs, snakes, fish, lizards, frogs and most other living things. He can't wait to go hunting with his Dad, and loves guns (nerf, pop, marshmallow, battery powered machine guns etc). He is 100% all boy, but has such a sweet, tender side that he can at one minute infuriate you and the next melt your heart. One thing I know for sure about Mason: he makes the world a brighter, funnier place to be. Happy Birthday Little Man!


  1. Happy Birthday to my favorite birthday present ever!! Love you buddy!!