Saturday, July 23, 2011

Farm Pleasures

We live on 50 acres of land in the country, on a "dirt" road. We sometimes call it a farm, but the only thing that we really produce here is hay. And we usually give that away. There are many, many perks of living in rural Missouri. Tonight we saw several of those within a 15 minute span. We had to make a "town run" tonight to get some things we forgot to get yesterday. Coming home, as we pulled into the driveway, we saw our resident momma deer and her spotted twins. They turned in the field when they saw us, and stared for a few seconds before running off. Then as we traveled further down the drive, we spotted the yard bunnies playing. 5 of the cutest little brown rabbits were chasing each other in the side yard. Our boxer, Gracie, used to keep these bunnies out of the yard, but she is almost totally blind, so they really now have the run of the place.
After we put away our purchases, we went back outside to water our little garden and new shrubs. The sun was setting and the colors of the sky were gorgeous. There wasn't a sound anywhere. Deep from the woods, we heard an owl hoot. My husband hooted back, and the conversation between man and owl continued for several minutes. It was indeed one of those times when I appreciate the country and all the pleasant things it offers!

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