Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mason, the Explorer!

I took this photo in Florida as a way to remember how Mason spent about 50% of his time. . . . on the ground scrounging around. Mason is a most curious little fellow. He loves bugs and all sorts of creepy crawly things. He loves to "discover" items on the ground that most people would pass right over. Sometimes it is trash, such as dental floss, pop tops, pieces of glass or plastic. Often a moving object will catch his eye. Usually it is something that will cause an adult to say "gross, Mason, don't pick that up". I know he heard that phrase about 1,000 times on the trip. Of course, that usually didn't deter him from collecting his "treasures". For his birthday, he got a kit with a butterfly net, magnifying glass, bug trap and pocketed vest. I haven't seen him in action with it yet, but I hope to soon. He and his sister are spending some time at our house this weekend. On our agenda is some old fashioned bug hunting. We have lots of grasshoppers, ants, bees and other assorted bugs close to our house. I can't wait to see his excitement when we go on a "bug hunt". I happened upon a large walking stick this week while watering my garden. I grabbed my camera and took some pictures to show to Mason. It is really fun to see how excited he gets about God's little creatures. And of course we may have to do some rock hunting for Maddison. . . she loves rocks the way Mason loves bugs. I will try to post pictures of our adventures!

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  1. He sounds like quite a keen observer of his environment....a good quality.