Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blogged down

I  have been "blogged down" lately.  I was on a great schedule of almost daily blogging and then. . . nothing!  I think the weekend did me in.  Friday: Work, shop,company and overnight guests.  Saturday, family reunion (hot, hot, hot!), Saturday night guests for supper (pizza) and fireworks.  Sunday, breakfast guests (in several shifts), see some company off, do a rapid house clean and sheet wash, prepare food, additional company, BBQ, games and more fireworks.  Monday, breakfast for overnight company, clean, clean, clean and then clean some more (no, I am NOT  a neat freak, it just rained alot, fresh mown grass, bad combination!). Rest, go to park for more fireworks.  Tuesday, alarm goes off, sleep.  Alarm goes off again, sleep.  Alarm goes off again, shoot out of bed, run to shower, dress, gulp cereal, off to work.  Tuesday night, come home, heat leftovers, drop on the couch and sleep.  Wake up from sleep, stumble to bed, sleep.  Yikes. . . who has time to blog?  Maybe I am caught up on sleep, and can get back to a routine!

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