Monday, February 7, 2011

Sibling Rivalry

I am not at all competitive (wink, wink). I have been having a secret competition with my brother to see whose blog can get the most followers. Why is this a secret you might ask? Well, because I haven't told him about the competition yet. We both have 17 followers. Imagine that. Isn't that an odd number of followers for us both to have? Anyway, if you enjoy reading my blog, or if you just want to give me a leg up on the one sided competition, feel free to become a "follower". And because I am fair minded, I will share his blog address with you. He is a super smart, talented, and only occasionally pesky brother, and veterinarian. I enjoy his blogs (few and far between that they are). I will be extremely sad if you follow him and not me. To read his blog go to:


  1. This is funny! I will check out his blog, but reserve my following just to you. lol

  2. I checked his today and he now has 18! Something has to be done about this!!