Saturday, February 19, 2011

Is it Spring Yet?

Ah, Saturday, sweet Saturday. We met Jessica and Scott, Maddison and Mason this morning for a rare breakfast out. After breakfast we ran some errands, which included library books for me (3 new ones I requested), 3 movies at the Red Box for him and then headed home. The weather is overcast and cool, but we decided to tackle the garage floor in spite of the conditions. Since we live on gravel and park our cars in the garage, the floor was covered with mud, gravel and other road debris. On top of that, our dog spends the coldest days and nights in the garage, so there was that wet dog smell to get rid of. We hooked up the hose and went to work. Maddie and Mason were excited to get out their power wheel toys, which hadn't been ridden since about November. We progressed to cleaning out leaves and washing down the driveway. It felt good to get some of the winter muck away from the garage and house. I am now more than ready for spring. I have a wonderful porch swing which makes the best place on the planet to read when the weather is nice. I am so anxious to be outside more. We have had a few really nice days this week (which I spent at work). Those few nice days have spoiled me for spring. The forecast is not so promising, and includes rain, sleet and possibly more snow. Ugh! Come on April!

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