Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day

Do you have a favorite President? Mine would have to be Franklin D. Roosevelt. I admire the way he showed leadership and rallied the country behind him in one of our history's darkest times. He was from a wealthy family, but still looked out for the "little guy". I also admired his wife and the work she did to make our nation more equitable for different races, social classes and genders. If you haven't been to his memorial in D.C. you should try to go. It is certainly not one of the more famous landmarks in the capital, but it tells the story of his presidency very well. I have read numerous books on FDR, so I am well aware of the weaknesses of his leadership and his personal downfalls. But all things considered, I think he rose to the presidency, and possibly saved our democracy.
Today, I am grateful for all of the service minded citizens who have spent years of their life giving to our nation. Thank you to all the Presidents!

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