Sunday, February 13, 2011


I am pretty sure I used to do this all the time. I guess I am really out of practice! We have had the grandchildren since early Saturday morning. Things have gone well, actually very well. However, it is Sunday night and tomorrow they both go to school. It is also Valentine Party Day, and Aunt Bea and I are on duty to be surrogate room mothers. Across my counter are: 20 homemade and decorated strawberry cupcakes (cream cheese icing with valentine sprinkles) and store bought cookies. There are 20 goodie bags stuffed with candy and trinkets. 40 Valentine Cards have been signed and sealed. Clothes (red of course) are laid out, and homework has been packed in the back packs. Weekend clothes have been cleaned, folded and packed in the weekend bags. Coats, gloves and snowpants are in the dryer. And I am exhausted. The kids are bathed, brushed, and in bed (however, they are NOT asleep yet). And I am exhausted! I used to have two children in school. I was always the room mother, PTA officer, worked a part time job and stayed (mostly) organized. I can't remember how it is supposed to be done. Thank goodness for three things tomorrow: 1. I am on vacation, 2. Uncle Scott and Aunt Bea are on duty, and 3. It is late start Monday. One thing I know for sure, mothers are way underpaid and underappreciated. Single mothers who keep it all together should be highly rewarded. I don't know how Amanda has managed this past few months with Josh gone. The kids have been great this weekend. The weather has been wonderful too. All I know is that it is 8 p.m. and I am strongly considering going to bed.
After all, I am exhausted!

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