Friday, September 9, 2011

On the Road Again,

I am typing this on an iPad keyboard,so please excuse my errors! Yes, for the third time this summer, we are again traveling. This time it is East, and we are alone. The trip got an unusual start when, only a few hour from home, we hit and killed an eagle. The bird was feeding on road kill at the side of the highway, and flew up in our truck as we passed by. It hit the grill and broke it, then hit the windshield. We stopped and saw that the bird was still alive, but badly wounded. We called a contact (thanks David) and reported the accident. The Conservation Officer asked us to stay at the scene until he could get there. He later called back and said that we could go on our way, which we did. It was so sad to see this majestic bird struggling to live. Later in the day we called the officer back and he told us that when he got to the bird, it was already dead. Then he added that they will send it to a repository, and that it will be donated to Native Americans for use in tribal ceremonies. This is our second encounter with an eagle in a year. (see previous blog regarding how an eagle made us late for an airline flight). Randy was upset about killing the beautiful bird and about the damage to his truck (although it could have been so much worse). I am just thankful that the bird was the only one hurt. I hope today will be less eventful!

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