Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Like a Rock!

Once we hit the Boston area, we headed to Plymouth, Mass. We programed the visitors center in our GPS and landed in the middle of a great, beautiful community. Across the street one of the service organizations was hosting a beer garden/polka festival. The polka music seems a bit out of place in the staunch Americana town. Two of the " chefs" pictured above, enticed us with their brats, but we held strong for more regional delicacies like lobster rolls and chowder. Nevertheless, the group was fun to watch. A quick visit to the tourist area gave us clearer destinations for the afternoon.

One of the first areas we visited was the paved walk by the ocean. Our travel buddies (funky monkey and dino) posed for us on this stone wall. The day was cool, crisp, sunny and downright gorgeous. I will post more in the near future about our food experience at Plymouth.
Day one and I was already loving the East Coast!

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