Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Intergenerational Male Bonding

I "caught" this photo last weekend of my grandson Mason and my nephew Dylan watching a movie together. It made me think of a tradition in my family of older males mentoring younger males. Mason's grandfather (Randy) used to spend a lot of time with Dylan's father (David). There is about 7 years difference in their ages. They would go fishing and camping, attend sport activities and go to an occasional concert together. My son, Josh is about 8 years older than Dylan's brother, Tristan. When they were younger, Tristan and Josh would spend lots of time together. Tristan thought Josh was pretty cool! Time and distance have changed some of these relationships, but they have a great history in the family. Dylan is wonderful with the younger kids. Gabe and Ryan (my great nephews) also have a good relationship with Dylan. On the way home from the weekend, Mason told me that he really liked Dylan because: "he wrestled with me". Dylan was probably just being nice, but it laid the groundwork for a long term friendship that they both will (hopefully) continue through their life.

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