Saturday, July 28, 2012

Up in the Trees!

We got some much needed help last weekend from Amanda on our little project.  As you can see, it took 3 to handle this part of the project.  Josh took the most daring job and spent much of the afternoon on top of the trusses.  Amanda worked from the scaffolding, and Randy (reluctantly) manned the ladder.  What was my job?  I was the official, drink getter, tool hander, kid checker upper and photographer.  We are thinking about actually hiring someone to install the metal roof.  My heart can't take much more seeing the ones I love do this kind of work!  It is somewhat cooler here today (high in the lower 90's is all), so Randy and I are going to stay close to the ground and work on installing part of the railings.  Did I mention that I will be glad when this project is completed?

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  1. I always like the end result of projects....not the actual doing of them! lol