Saturday, July 7, 2012

Oh Dear!

We have a pair of deer that like to venture out in our front yard in the evenings.  They come out of the woods, cross the yard, take a drink in our pond and then disappear again.  It has almost gotten to be a nighly ritual here.  Our dogs have been barking at them, but surprisingly enough, they don't seem to be afraid of the barking.  Our young puppy, Moose, sometimes charges them but they stand their ground until he retreats (he is mostly bark, no bite).
On a separate note, like most of the country, we have been experiencing record high heat this past week (many consecutive days of 100 + temperatures).  Yesterday our air conditioner quit working.  The repair men came out in the early afternoon, and had it working again in about 3 hours.  A part is now on order, but they managed to bypass the problem on a short term basis.
If I did not appreciate skilled laborers before, I sure do now.  And air conditioning. . . . I am trying to remember what we used to do without it.  Because I am definitely from the generation that grew up without it!  I remember sleeping on screened in porches (and in the yard a night or two).  Afternoons were spent resting in a dark house in front of a fan.   Our mother would read to us and we would listen to music while we rested and tried to escape the heat.  In the very early mornings we would pick produce from our garden and help mom can the tomatoes and green beans.  After lunch there would be no more activity until it was time to fix supper (which was mostly done without the aid of the oven).   That is when I learned to play rummy and love to read. 
Yesterday, right before the air was working again, our house temperature had climbed to over 80 degrees.  I was beginning to be uncomfortable and worry just a little bit.  We don't even own a fan anymore (except for a few ceiling fans).  The kids were with us and we played some games and they played on the I-pad. . .  this is the new face of a new generation. 
Even though I don't enjoy having to pay to fix the air or be without it, I think times like these can be seen as opportunities.  The experience taught me to appreciate a little more, to remember a little more, and to use my imagination a little more.
Our house has returned to its comfortable state and I can carry on with my plans of changing beds and cooking for the week.  But for just a few hours yesterday, I was transported back to a time when we had never heard of central air or enjoyed any kind of air conditioning.  A time, at least in my mind, of a simpler life, full of lemonade and friends, of family time and books, of fresh produce and card playing on the porch.  A time of heat and summer fun, a time of learning to make the best of a difficult situation and a time to enjoy all we had and not worry about what we didn't have. 
Stay cool and enjoy each day.

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