Monday, July 9, 2012

Moving on. . .

 Mason is almost constantly in motion.  I love this picture of him with his cousin, Rylee.  Rylee and her brother, Ryan came to visit recently and Maddison organized a game of "drip, drip, drop".  Think duck, duck, goose, only with a sponge and water!  Well, one thing led to another and soon all 4 children were soaking wet.  Oh well, it was hot and dry, so what better way to spend the afternoon?
What a slave driver I am!  Maddie seems to find herself in my kitchen whenever she comes to visit.  She is crushing oreos for an ice cream cake we made for a birthday celebration.  We have two birthdays this week, and we cannot seem to find an open evening in which to celebrate.  The kids have 4 ball games this week, and Josh is working several nights.  Combine that with Amanda working late one evening, Jessica putting in long days which go into evenings and you have an issue of availability.   Well, whenever we decide to have the occasion, the cake will be ready?

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