Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July, the Birthday Month!

There are lots of birthdays in the month of July. . .  I know, you know, since I have been blogging about them for awhile!  First my great niece, Rylee (turned 7), and then my brother in law (57?), and my daughter, Jessica and then my grandson, Mason and my nephew, Tristan. . . I hope I didn't forget anyone!  The top picture shows Jessica and Mason and their ice cream cake.  The bottom picture is of Maddison and her friend, Macy at our cousin Gail's 50th birthday celebration.  We don't have any birthdays in August (my Grandmothers was, as was my mother-in-laws).  However, in August we celebrate lots of anniversary's.  My sister and brother in laws (August 2nd) Randy and my anniversary (33rd) and Jessica and Scott's (3rd) happens on August 14th, which was also my inlaws anniversary.  We are going to keep celebrating on into the fall!  

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