Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hot Weather Project

What do you do when the temperature reaches 107?  You stay inside and put together a collage of your favorite things.  In Maddison's case, this mostly involves animals, specifically, horses.  She is saving her money for a horse of her own, which makes her Grandpa very nervous!
Maddie and I gathered some old magazines together, got out the scissors and glue and spent almost 2 hours working on our collages.  It was such a fun and special activity, I am ready to do it again.
I couldn't get Mason interested in participating (which is a surprise, since he has always loved to cut and glue), so he played a game or two on the Ipad while we were working.  Maddison is planning on hanging hers up in her room.
The temperatures have dropped a little today, and we got a "smattering" of rain this morning.  10 minutes after the rain stoppped, the sidewalks were dry.
And I know that I am biased, but isn't Maddison is growing into such a beautiful young lady?  I think she has grown 2 inches since summer started, and her hair is getting so long. 
Randy and I both head back to work tomorrow after being off for 5 days.  That is not going to be easy!  Hope your weekend was cool and relaxing.

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