Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mason!

Watch out world, Mason is turning 5 today!  He is an active, friendly, chatty, sweet little boy.  He loves superheroes, following his sister around, roughousing with his dad and swimming.  Oh, and I forgot to mention, he is crazy about playing on the I-Pad (or other electronic apparatuses).  Happy Birthday Mason.  I love you!

Also a shout out to my nephew, Tristan, who turns 23 today.  As a kid, he loved dinosaurs, dirt moving equipment and home cooked meals at my house.  I rarely see him, and miss him a great deal.  He is living his dream of being a "worker man" on heavy equipment.  I hope someday we can reconnect and see him a little more.  Happy Birthday, Tristan!

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