Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Tooth

On Monday I took Maddison to the dentist for a regular check up and cleaning. I was excited to do this, knowing that the front tooth that had been loose for about 2 months would finally come out. Over the weekend, Maddison kept fooling with this tooth, which was literally holding on by the smallest thread imaginable. In fact, she would push the tooth over her bottom lip and give a "Nanny McPhee" smile. All the adults in her life tried to convince her to pull this tooth out, or let one of us do it. She would have nothing to do with this. Finally on Monday, the dental hygienist convinced her to let the tooth be pulled. There were no tears, no blood, no pain. And now she has a large, gapping hole in her mouth. I will post a picture soon. She talks in that whispy voice that one has when teeth are missing. Another milestone has passed. In a few weeks she will leave kindergarten and move on to first grade. I can only sit back and watch with joy the process of this young lady growing up. I can only whistfully remember when she was born. The agony and ecstasy of life. . .

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