Sunday, May 22, 2011


Yesterday was one of those days that I dream about during the long, cold winter. It started off cloudy and cool, with a forecast of rain and thunderstorms. However, by noon, it was clear, sunny and hot. The grand kids were out for breakfast, and after the dishes were done, we took a walk to some of our favorite spots. These may not seem too exceptional to the average looker, but we love to explore some unusual places! Our favorites included a decaying stump that we found full of busy ants. Then we went to the edge of the woods to pick wildflowers and finally made a stop at the pond to toss in a few rocks and check out the growing family of frogs that reside there. After lunch, Josh came out and we all headed back to the pond for some fishing. Some of us sat under a shade tree and enjoyed the breeze, some fished. Later we attended a family supper with some unusual food. A cousin just purchased a fish fryer. We had fried turkey nuggets (wild turkey), potatoes and blooming onions. Then he got crazy with the concept of frying. He fried; bite sized candy bars, zingers and twinkies. I have heard of these delicacies, but I have never tried any of them. What I sampled were delicious! I was careful not to eat too much of anything, since I hardly ever fry foods. It wasn't a healthy meal, but it was delicious and lots of fun! Later we "circled the wagons" so to speak and enjoyed a starlight evening with a cool breeze and some great company. Ahhh. . . I am filling that memory bank to get me through another winter.

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