Sunday, December 5, 2010

We spent a great evening recently with Aunt, Uncle and cousins. After some good food, we played a game called "Fast Track". I have never played this before and it was such fun. The game is a little like "Sorry" or "Parcheesi", but involves several decks of cards. It was a great way to spend a Saturday night. All of my immedite family (except Josh, who is still in Alabama) were there. The grandchildren were entertained by some older cousins and they had a great time too. It was so good for them to be around family that they don't know all that well. On the way home, Maddison said "I can't wait to go back to those peoples house!" A great endorsement for a child who tends to be very bashful around people she doesn't know well.
After a sad few days involving two family deaths, it was good to just visit, play and have fun. We don't take time out of our daily activities often enough to do that.
Today will be bittersweet. Maddison has a kids birthday party this afternoon (followed by a trip with lots of little girls to see Tangled), and then we are going to the funeral home for visitation.
Such is the way of life in a large family.

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