Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Bald Eagle and the Airport Disappointment

This is a bald eagle that we stopped to photograph a short distance from the Columbia Airport. Little did we know that the few minutes we spent taking these rare photos would make us late for Amanda's flight, and she would not be able to fly to Memphis to meet Josh. (We actually weren't late for her flight, but missed the 30 minute advance arrival time they require by 3 minutes. If we had KNOWN she had to be there that early, we would have been.) I cannot imagine why they shut the check in down, she had no luggage, there were TSA staff just standing around, as well as other Delta employees. Not only did she miss it, but two other travelers also did. It would be nice if there was some notice that if you didn't get there 30 minutes ahead you couldn't board. Anyway. . . I am superstitious enough to think that there was some reason that she was not meant to get on that flight. I mean, this is the first time I EVER remember seeing a bald eagle so close. . . strange coincidence if you ask me. The happy ending is that Josh was able to make it home ahead of the storm and all is well that ends well. Still. . . a bald eagle, a missed flight. . . It may have been some sort of Christmas miracle. We may never know.

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