Friday, December 17, 2010

Are you ready?

The countdown is continuing and I am getting nervous. I have managed to start and almost complete lots of holiday activities this year, but not finish any. There are a few gifts left to buy, a few left to wrap, some baking done, some left to do. The only thing I have completed is my Christmas cards (downscaled from previous years). It is about this time of year when I say; what is done is done, and what isn't will probably not be (done).
On a different note, yesterday I read about a teacher who began blogging about school lunches. Every day for a year, she photographed, ate, and then wrote about the school lunches where she works. I have her site marked on the blogs that I am following, if anyone would like to check it out. I have eaten lunch twice at Maddison's school this year, and breakfast once. The food certainly leaves something to be desired if you consider nutrition. I think you may be hearing more about this woman ( Mrs Q is her name, she did all this anonymously in fear of her job). I only managed to get through a few posts, but it was interesting reading to be sure!

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