Wednesday, September 15, 2010


You know, I think television is like any other addiction. Once you get in the habit of watching it, it is hard to give up. My husband is addicted to TV. It is his way to relax and unwind. For the most part, the shows that he watches I don't like and visa versa. After supper every night, he heads to the living room to watch tv. After working for 32 years at a power plant, he has considerable hearing loss, and to be able to hear the television, he has to have the sound up quite loud. For Christmas, the family got him some wireless head phones so we could all have a break from the noise of the tv. Now I am not so sure what is worse, listening to the sound up at an ear piercing level, or having the place silent. He loves his headphones because they allow him to hear better and he doesn't have to listen to our complaining about the sound. Now when I talk to him I have to really shout and he makes a big production of taking off his headphones so he can hear me. I get a roll of the eyes, a dirty look or two and then a "what?" I mean really, how important is it that he know every commentary on the Cardinals game, or that he hears the heavy breathing on the Outdoor channel? In all fairness, he grew up in a home where the tv was on all the time. Some of his favorite memories revolve around tv shows and watching them with his older brother. For the first few months we lived in our present home, we didn't have any tv reception. It was heavenly! We actually had to find something to do in the evenings. We talked, played games and spent time outdoors (okay, we were probably painting, staining and hammering, but I can have my fantasies can't I?) Anyway, I am not sure what the point of all of this is, except to vent about Randy's love of the big screen. For several years I have wanted the tv volume lower and now I have it. But it is just so blooming quiet in here at night. Sometimes I turn the tv on in my bedroom just to have some sound. There is one really good thing about this new lifestyle. I can pretty much do whatever I want and not be heard. . . Sweating to the oldies, singing in the shower, practicing rap songs. . .

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