Sunday, September 12, 2010

My traveling is done for the month, and it is time to get settled in back at home. We have had some wonderful almost fall like weather these last few days. It put me in the mood to get out some fall decorations. The kids spent the night on Saturday, and they were more than willing to help me decorate. They had fun with the window stick-ons and the light up pumpkins. I am not much of a decorator and I like things plain and basic. I have to admit that putting up a few fall colors livens up the place!
We had a fun weekend of "art work", outdoor play and even a few crafts. We melted old crayons and made new ones in a muffin tin. The kids seemed to really enjoy that and were proud to show their mom the flat and round colors. A quick trip was made on Saturday to Amish country. I love to travel there in the fall. The rain had caused a few of the roads to be washed out, but we managed to find the two stores we patronize. I finally bought an angel food cake pan and a pastry blender. As much as I like to cook, I am surprised that I needed to buy those fairly simple kitchen tools. I hope to make an angel food cake soon. It used to be my favorite cake, and my grandmother would bake one every year on my birthday. I would love to have her recipe for the pink icing she drizzled on top.
This afternoon after a short nap (everyone slept but the children), we went to our big bottom field and worked on burning the weeds off. Randy likes to put in a deer food plot in the fall, so the weeds had to go. All in all it was a great weekend. Jessica and Scott were hosting his mother for supper tonight to celebrate her birthday. It seems like weekends are so busy, there is rarely time to just get bored (something I sometimes like to do!). Tomorrow it is back to the normal 5 day workweek. I don't feel very rested from this weekend, but I think that may take a week or two to accomplish.
There have been some sad life endings this week, but also some new beginnings. I pray for blessings for all families affected and going through this transition. Life really is a circle~

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