Sunday, September 19, 2010


Rainy days and Sundays. I have the entire day stretched out in front of me with no "to do's" on the list. I have several "want to's", but nothing pressing. Randy left for work early again this morning and as much as I would have liked to sleep in, I couldn't. You would think the sound of rain and the quiet hum of the house would have lulled me back to sleep, but no such luck. I read some chapters in the new David Baldacci book "Deliver Us From Evil", caught up on some new Oprah shows and sat on the porch swing to watch the rain. I have discovered a new blog spot "Cooking Books" from Farm Chick Kitchen. The author is a friend of mine (I use the term loosely, because although I consider her a friend, I haven't really spent any time with her in years). I am so excited to read her entries and keep up with her in this way. She writes about her love of cookbooks, and posts recipes and pictures of her kitchen magic. I can tell right now that I could live my life in front of this computer writing and reading.
The Grands are with their mom today. Even though it is nice to have some me time, I miss them so when they aren't here. Since Amanda started school, she now has Sundays off. Up until that time, we had the kids most Saturdays and Sundays, beginning when Mason was about 4 months old. It was a routine that we loved and now miss greatly.
I am counting down the days until Josh can be home with them. He will be flying in the second weekend in October and will be here for 3 days. It will be so hard for him to leave again, but he gets to return in November, and then has 2 weeks off at Christmas time. He is almost half way finished with this 6 month transfer, but may have to extend it if the work here is slow.
This economy has affected almost everyone I know in some way or the other. Even if one has a secure job (is there such a thing anymore?), there have most likely been reductions in some way. As a student of history, I know that all things cycle, and this time in our lives will change. There will be postive outcomes from this situation as well as negative. I think our country will be stronger for the changes (more fiscally responsible citizens for one), but there will be parts that we got used to that may not return (easy credit, unlimited shopping, job availability). If I live long enough, I will be reading about this time in our history and how it has affected the country. I love stories about the depression, the industrial revolution, and the World Wars. Maybe some day my grandchildren will read about this time in our country and wonder what it was like for their parents and their grandparents. I hope that they will be able to access this blog, so they will have a small idea of what it is like.

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