Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Decided to do some shopping today. It was fun just wandering around the mall with no agenda or list of things to do or buy. I watched some children ice skate and chatted with an elderly gentleman as he watched the skaters. I contemplated going to a movie, but talked myself out of it. After Randy got home we checked out an ACADEMY store, which I had never seen before. Only one more day here. Then it is home to Mo, for a few hours, and then a drive to St. Louis and a flight to Birmingham. Wow! It should be crazy!!
The class Randy is taking has 5 people in it. This class is offered to people all over the US. ON the first day, the other students were introducing themselves, and the only woman in the group announced that she had lived a lot of places, but she considered Moberly, MO her home. She now lives in Arizona, and her grandmother (age 97) still lives in the Moberly/Huntsville area. What a small world we live in!
It has been raining here all evening. A very nice break to the 95 degree weather we have had since we have been here.

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