Saturday, July 10, 2010

Well, we had our first family event tonight without Josh. It was happy and sad all at once. Today is Jessica's 30th birthday, tomorrow is Mason's 3rd. We had a bbq tonight, complete with ice cream cake to celebrate. I kept getting out 8 plates, bowls, etc. when I should have just been getting out 7. It just seems weird without Josh here. Amanda seems sad, but is being very strong. Josh sounds good when we have talked to him, but is not crazy about being away from home.
He is working in parts of Mississippi, and has been surprised by the widespread poverty that he has seen.
I truely cannot believe that 30 years ago I had Jessica. I have been reminiscing all day. At supper, Jessica spent some time talking to Amanda and I about her and Josh's relationship growing up. They had some rough patches, like all siblings do, but it was obvious that the good memories outweigh the bad. I really enjoyed listening to her memories.
It has been such a strange day today. Maybe tomorrow will feel more normal. Here is hoping that we can make it through the abnormal, until the normal returns.

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