Sunday, July 25, 2010

Has anyone else noticed a renewed appreciation for our world as you age? I can't seem to get enough of the clouds, the moon, the sunrise and the colors of the world around us. Tonight there is a beautiful full moon in the sky. I was outside for a while this evening, and I couldn't stop staring at it. Somehow the enormity and beauty of the moon stopped me cold. It helps to put all things in perspective. How many famous events have taken place under that same old moon? How many people have risen to fame, overcome obstacles and risen from hopelessness under this planet?
I believe that this renewed appreciation for the world began last year with a trip to Divide, Colorado. The skies and the colors of the skies were so awe-inspiring, I could have spent the entire week just looking. The week we were there, there were daily storms that blew in over the mountains. Once back in Missouri, I began to notice our environment more. We have gorgeous skies with all the colors of the rainbow, too. I must have never noticed how billowy and beautiful our cloudy skies were before.
Most likely, the other reason I am more tuned into the surroundings is to help the grands appreciate our world. Children see the world so differently than we do. If I don't do anything else for Maddie and Mason, I want them to be aware of and enjoy the world in which we live. Every weekend when they are visiting, I make it a point to be with them outdoors. We cloud watch, look for bugs and talk about the weather. When Maddie spends the night, she likes to get up early with me and sit in the recliner and watch the sunrise through our front window. What a special time that is for both of us. I hope someday she remembers those special times I spent with her. I read today that children that spend more time outdoors, on average, have a higher IQ, than children who have very limited exposure. I am not sure what the connection is, but I am willing to bet my time to providing all the intelligence stimulation I can through outdoor activity. I know, anyone who knows me well will certainly scratch their head and try to figure out when I became an outdoor enthusiast. I certainly don't consider myself a rugged camper, hiker or tree hugger. But I love being outdoors, and I love sharing what little I know about our world with two special preschoolers.

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