Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today was interesting indeed. We had a department wide staff meeting which included a great lunch. I completed some projects at work, and started some others. Jessica called about 4 and asked if I could leave early and help her do some shopping for household items. It is amazing that when you move, some things just don't fit the new house. I was anxious to get away form work for awhile, so I said yes. She bought two lamps, and then shehelped me select two for my fairly new computer desk. I tend to be very indecisive about selecting anything for my house, so it was nice to have her fearless shopping skills to help me. When I got them home and placed them, I found that I really like them. They were a style I would never have selected on my own, but they look great.
Amanda completed her first day of cosmotology school. She thinks that she will like it. She was less excited about the prospect of several hours of homework and a test on Friday. She will do fine, I am sure. During supper, Josh called and talked for a long time. He seems to be doing well in Alabama. He sounded homesick, but coping with it well. He suggested that we consider meeting him in Tunica or Nashville this fall for a long weekend. We had planned on going to Birmingham, but if he comes West and North, it will make the trip shorter for us, and he mentioned that he would like to get away from Birmingham for a while. It is definitely something to look forward to! It will be great to see him. I am really missing him. There is a small ache in my heart that won't seem to go away. I hate to even talk to anyone about it because 1) if they are close to me, talking about missing Josh may make them feel bad too and 2) with the country involved in war and young men and women leaving their homes to defend our county, I need to buck up and stop being a baby about this. I know this. I know that there are thousands of military families who are in a much sadder situation than I am. But my heart still aches for him to be back home with us. Enough about all of that!
I love Facebook, but all these pictures of everyones' vacations is making me jealous. We took our vacation so early I am ready for another one. I used to be content to stay close to home. Lately, I have had a strong urge to travel and see the country. Maybe it is because there is so much to see, and I realize that I don't have as much time to put this off as I used to. My father, stepmom, and siblings are planning a cruise up the East Coast this fall. Sadly, I can't go because Randy doesn't have enough vacation left. We are saving a few days to see Josh. I will miss being with them, and making those wonderful memories. Even though we have visited the East Coast, we have not been as far North as they are going. It would have been fun. . . but maybe next time!!!

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