Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It is snowing! This forecast would make an Alaskan shudder. . . 5-7 inches of snow and wind chill minus 25 tonight! But baby it is beautiful out here in the country. When all you can see are trees and snow, you feel like you are in a different world. We closed up shop about thirty minutes early tonight, so I was home before dark. I will see what happens in the morning. I may have my hubby drop me off at work when he goes (to the dentist) at 8:30. The only bad thing is that I will have to stay at work until 6 if I go in with him. I will surely get alot done.
Do you even wish you could rub your attitude off on someone else? If my age has taught me nothing else, it is that I need to have a good attitude to be truely happy in life. Not everyone sees things the way I do (what??) I wish I could really share my wad of knowledge and experience. For some, their young age makes them thrash against the world, for some it is just their life circumstances that make them see the world in a negative light. I have certainly had my struggles. . . but coming through the struggles makes one wiser. I guess that wisdom has to be gotten the hard way for most (just like I gained mine). But for people you love and have to work with, it would be fun to wrap up the wisdom, experience and knowledge in a beautifully wrapped gift and share it. The question would be: will they open the gift, and if so, will they use it? Hmmm...

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